About Us

The Family Laundromat opened in 1996; it is located in the town & country shopping center in West Chester Pa. The Laundromat offers plenty of parking. The store is brightly lit with fluorescent lights. There is always an attendant available to help with any concerns or issues, and to maximize security. The Owner Michael Pfister picked the name the “Family Laundromat” for many reasons. Michael understands the concept of a large family. Therefore, he understands that finishing large loads of laundry in a short time is often an unattainable goal for many families. This is why the Laundromat offers different sized machines to get laundry done in a short time. Customers can choose from 18 top loaders and 16 front loaders. There are also six 18 lb washers, five 30 lb washers, three 50 lb washers and two 75 lb washers. The large washers accommodate large clothing volumes, as well as blankets, quilts, rugs, and sleeping bags. There are also 40 large dryers to dry your clothing, blankets, rugs etc. The Laundromat also offers vended soap, snacks, and drinks. Also while you sit and wait bring in your laptops, kindles, notebooks, ipads etc and take use of our free Wi-Fi offered to our customers. There is a carpeted lounge for children to play in. The Laundromat offers cable televisions, heat and air condition for the weather change. The Family Laundromat now uses Easy Pay which allows the customers to start washers/dryers using major credit cards, cash and coins. All these features and our dedicated customers have helped the Family Laundromat become one of the most successful Laundromats in Southeastern Pennsylvania. We truly thank you for your business over the years and for the years to come.